The user (Event Organizer) can manage the submission by clicking the “Manage Submissions” module from the left panel and then click on “Submissions”.

A page will appear with the information filled by the entrant on the entrant and submission form. In addition fields like the Order Reference, Price, Endorsement status(if applicable) and Submission status can be viewed.  This can be seen in a tabular format.

The user may decide to View, Edit and Withdraw a particular entry using the available buttons under the Action tab.

The Search option can be used to Filter a particular grid or enter a specific search string to filter the data. To undo the action click on “Remove Filter, Sort & Grouping

The user may decide to view only the  details filled on the Entrant/ Submission form by clicking the down arrow beside the “Entrant” option. Under the same the data can be sorted in Ascending and Descending order and in groups.

Once the desired data is in place the user may click on “Export CSV” option to download the file.

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