This option can used by the user (Awards/Event Organizer) to invite other parties to collaborate with the event/award.

To use this function the user must click on the options at the Top right side of the screen post login. (To be specific, click on the organizer’s name). 

By doing this the system will display 3 options:

  1. Event Dashboard
  2. Admin Console
  3. Logout

The user must select “Admin Console”. Under this option the user can change their personal information & Password. 

In the same view user will notice another tab “User Permission”.

By clicking “User permission” the page gets redirected to another, where the user can see “Collaborators” and “User Roles” option. Please click on "User Roles".

User Roles: 

By clicking “User Roles” the page gets redirected to another where there the user can edit the user privileges under the Event Organizer’s tab. 

A description may be provided in the given space and also check / uncheck the privileges (fields) listed of an Event Organizer. User must click on “Save” once the necessary changes are made or may also click on “Delete Role” to remove them from the system.

The Awards/Event Organizer can create a new user role by using the  Create new user role tab.


A data is visible to the user with the following contents.

Please note:  Only Events with “Professional” plan will be able to see that grid

  1. Remove Filter, Sort & Grouping - This option is used to remove the filter and sorting/groups
  2. Search bar - Allows the user to search a specific information
  3. Display - Data display can be change by clicking on this button
  4. Export CSV -  Allows the user to export the data in CSV format
  5. +New - The user must click on this button to add a collaborator. By clicking this a row will appear with the following data fields to be filled.
  6. Username - The user (Award/Event Organizer) must enter the email address of the collaborator.
  7. Role Name - Allows to select between the options “Admin” and “Event Organizer”. This is also applicable if a new user role is defined.
  8. Event Name - Allows the user to select the appropriate event/award name.

Once the desired options are selected, the user must click on “Update”. To make the changes the user must double click on the row to edit the information.

To send the collaboration email, the user must click on the “message” icon seen beside the each row created and also use the “delete” icon to delete a particular collaborator.

Please note: The collaborator must be a user of Judgify before making any changes to the Event/Awards program. (Registration is required)

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