The key components of Judgify are as follows:

Awards Landing Page

Manage your entry submission set up, design elements and endorsement options for entry submissions through the platform.

Award Categories

Create and manage award categories for your contest. You can group them and also determine whether the clients need to endorse submissions for selected contest categories.

Backdoor Access

Backdoor access on the platform allows you to create a link for privileged submissions, even after the contest deadline is passed. Thus, enabling a very flexible awards and contest platform management.

Customize your Email Messages

Use any of the 8 pre-defined templates on the platform for Registration Acknowledgement, endorsement, judge invitation, order acknowledgement, order confirmation, collaborator invitation and submission details . You also have the option of editing these templates to customize your email messages during the course of your awards management.

Flexible Fees Configuration

Select your desired currency from 24 pre-defined currency types, with the option to apply taxation or early bird fees that incentivize early entrants for the contest. Determine your payment collection method (Paypal, Payflow from Paypal, Wirecard, Credit Card Online/Offline, Cheque and Telegraphic Transfer, etc.)

Submission Collation

Judgify enables easy viewing, tracking and filtering of entrants. You can filter online submissions by categories, company name or status. Thus, providing you with a complete flexibility in both online awards submission and judging.

Payment Status

In case of paid awards, track the payment status of each submission within our "orders" module, and follow-up with actions that maximize submission completion rate and the accompanying ROI.

View Entrants

Access and view all your entrants from a single dashboard, apply filters to view selected entrants for judging and export the list to Excel where needed.

Manage Submission

Easily edit or withdraw award entries based on your entrants’ requests keeping your online submissions always updated.

Judging Criteria

Customize judging criteria by industry or award category and create your own award scoring formulas.

Judging Rounds

Set the desired number of judging rounds for all your industry awards and contests.

Judges Assignment

Select which judge to involve in a specific awards category, group and round. Send invitations and receive notification emails from judges upon confirmation of assignment.

Judges Abstention

Notice a conflict of interest between the judge and an entrant? Judges abstention allows judges to be abstained from voting for selected entries, thereby avoiding any issue.

Judge Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device

Our online judging module is responsive, thus allowing judges to start their judging process online on any internet-enabled device, anywhere, anytime.

Judging Group

You can create online groups based on criteria such as industry, category, submission or entrant form fields, so as to assign judges based on groups, such as geography or the industry the entrant is from.

Judges Shortlist

Shortlist the online entries by individual rounds before you officially release the entrants list to the judges.

Financial Report

Tailor your financial reporting structure to view your awards ROI, such as revenue by country, entrant or payment status.

Score Report

Have the scoring of your judging rounds automatically tabulated based on the various categories. The score report format are of two types:

  1. Individual scores with all criteria

  2. Top score report by each Judge in column

Just select which category you need scoring for and export your customized report to Excel.

Submission Report

Customize your submission report by category, entrant or order and export the scores as per your internal reporting requirements and make changes accordingly.

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