Creating Award Categories is compulsory in order for you to live your event. It is the core of our system and options like Fees, Scorecards etc. are interrelated.

Please note: There must be minimum of one category field in the event.

Click on "Create new category".

A popup box will appear with the following fields

  1. Category Name - The display name visible to the entrant during the submission process. Category name comes to play based on what your event requirements are. 
  2. Category Prefix - This will be used during the submission process, where the category prefix will be tagged as part of submission id. Please note that you can enter "a to z" (both small and capital letters), "0 to 9" and "underscore" for e.g. abc_10 or AB_c10. Below shows the error message you might get if you enter wrong data.

   3. Belongs to a group - If you have categories by group, simply enter the group name. Categories will be displayed under the same group name. 

   4.  Limit Number of Submissions - Enter the number of submissions that needs to be restricted for a particular category. Once the threshold is reached the category will be locked and entrants cannot make any further submissions.

   5. Required End Date  - If you want this category to be closed for submissions by a specific date, then mention an end date. This date is different from the Submissions deadline. Date selection for category end date should be before the Submissions deadline date.

   6. Required Endorsement  - Check this box if you require entrants to have their submission endorsed by their company administrator. (This is endorsement at category level. This can be enabled only when event level endorsement is turned  on). You either check or uncheck endorsement based upon your requirements.

Sorting Category

You may use the sorting option to sort the groups accordingly. Click on “Sort Category” listed on the right side of the page and then sort the groups based on your award requirements and hit “Save Sorting”. This option is useful if  for e.g. you need a specific running order of your award categories in the submission form.

Please note: Award categories cannot be deleted or edited when there are submissions in the system.

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