A page will appear with the order information details like Order reference number, Email, First name, Last name and Submitted date of each entrant in a tabular format.

The Search option can be used to Filter a particular grid or enter a specific search string to filter the data. To undo the action click on “Remove Filter, Sort & Grouping

The user may decide to Change payment mode, View order details, Resend order email and Change payment status by clicking the respective button under the Action tab

  1. View order details - By clicking this option the page will get redirected to the Order detail page where user can view the Order Summary details like Order Reference Number, Entrant email, First name, Last name, Submitted date, Sub-total, Tax, Additional Charges, Total, Payment method, Payment Status and a tabular format with the details of the submission(s).
  2. Resend order email  - By clicking this option, a mail will be resent to the entrant, stating that the submission has been received. However, the payment is still pending and Order confirmation would be sent upon making the payment.
    Please note: If payment status is "Pending", "Order Acknowledgement Email" will be sent. If payment status is "Completed" then "Order Confirmation Mail" will be sent.
  3. Delete - Use this option to delete a particular order. (Optional)
  4. Change payment status - By clicking this option, a popup window will appear where the user can change the payment status by selecting the options from the drop-down and then click on “Change and Save”.

Once the desired data is in place the user may click on “Export CSV” option to download the file.

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