A Judging Round is a period of time during which judges score the submissions that have been shortlisted for that round.

To create  Judging Rounds, the user must click on the "Manage Judging" option from the left panel and then click on Judging Rounds.

This will redirect you to the page with “A quick guide to Judging Rounds in Judgify”. In the same page you need to click on “Create New Round”.

The page will be redirected to “General Settings” where you can see the following options:

  1. Start Date - Allows you to enter the judging start date and time (Within the current date)
  2. End Date - Allows you to enter the judging end date and time (Within the current date)
  3. Active - This option is to trigger the  judging round active or inactive. Judging round will be active if the current date is within the “Start Date” & “End Date” and status must be changed to “Active”
  4. Allow Judge Score by one category at a time - In  the Judge view, assigned submissions will be listed by category where  the Judge can go to the next category before the scores are completed in current category. By enabling this, the system will force the Judge to finish the scores in current category first. (Select as per requirement)
  5. Allow Judge to confirm score for individual category - Ask Judge to confirm once he/she completes one category. (Select as per requirement)
  6. Allow Judge to confirm score for all complete - This option is to ask  the Judge for confirmation upon scores completed in all categories. On clicking confirm, the  Judge won’t be able to update the scores later. (Select as per requirement)
    Note: Do not select 5 & 6 option at the same time.
  7. Allow Judge to print and send score for all complete - Show print button and send email button after confirmation. (Select as per requirement)
  8. Allow drop down for scoring - By selecting this option, it only allows the judge to select predefined values and restricts the Judge to type score in decimal points.
  9. Show Remark in Judging - Allow Judge to add remark on entry (Select as per requirement)
  10. Show in Single Page - By default in Judge view, there is “Pending” and “Completed” tabs. By enabling this, both will show in same tab. (Select as per requirement)
  11. Show Total Score (Select as per requirement)
  12. Allow judge to view other judges scores (Select as per requirement)
  13. Enable Abstain (Select as per requirement)

Judging Round Overall Score 

By default, the Judging Round Overall Score of a submission is its total score, i.e. the sum of all the scores given by each judge for that submission, for that round. 

However, you can also do averages by using , e.g. Total Score / Total Number of Assigned Judges

After selecting the desired options, Click on Create. You will get a message “You have successfully created Judging Round 1” on the screen.

In addition you will find Do you want to create your Scorecard(s) for this round now?”

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