By clicking on “Back to Judging Rounds Dashboard” the page will load and show the Judging rounds active and also number of scorecards created. The page will display an option to Shortlist the Submissions.

Click on “Shortlist submissions now”

By default, a round does not contain any submission. You select and add submissions to a round by manually shortlisting them for that round.

Shortlisting submissions for a round is compulsory.

This action will redirect to a page with table of following contents:

Submission ID -  Shows the submission ID of all the submissions made.
- Shows the relevant category of the submission.
- Displays the title entered by the entrant.
Shortlist ID
- If this is generated, it will be shown in the judging panel. Submission ID won’t be displayed to the judge.
Shortlisted for
- Shows the round the submission has been shortlisted for

Round 1 overall score - Shows the overall score for Round 1.

Please note: You may use the filter option to find a particular ID, category, title, Shortlisted ID, Shortlisted for and score

Based on the score, you may select the necessary submissions and click on “Shortlist selected submissions” 

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