To assign a judge, you must click on the "Manage Judging" option from the left panel and then click on Judge Assignment.

The page will be redirected to a screen with the option “Assign judges now”. Also one can notice an option at the top right “Assign judges to this round

By clicking either of the options a popup will appear with the following information:

Judging Group - This allows the user (Event Organizer) to assign All Shortlisted Submissions or the Judging group created.
Email - Enter the email address of the Judge
First Name - Enter the First Name of the Judge
Last Name - Enter the Last Name of the Judge

Four checkboxes will be available in addition to the above:

Assign & Add New - This allows the user to assign the current judge and to add another judge.
Assign and Close - Clicking this button will allow the user to assign the current judge and closes the pop-up window.
Send Mail & Assign Judge - Send the invitation email to the current judge and add another judge.
Cancel - Cancel the operation

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