This feature allows you to abstain  access of the entries from a Judge. To abstain a judge, you must click on Judging option from the left panel and then click on Judge Abstention.

The page will be redirected to another with the the following table of contents:

Submission ID - Shows the list of submission ID’s
- Shows the title selected by the entrant
Submitted by Username
- Shows the list of email address of the entrants used while signing in to the system
- Shows the category the entrant has opted or applied for.
- The default status will be “Non-abstain”

A drop down option is available at the top of the page to select a particular judge. You need to select the judge based on your requirements. Click on the check box available beside each entry (based on requirements) and then click on “Abstain” or “Non-Abstain”. This action will abstain a particular judge from judging.

You may also refresh the table by clicking on the “Refresh” tab provided. 

Using the “Search” option you can look up for a particular entry and “Settings” options allows you to customize the contents on the table.

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